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Cloud computing has transformed businesses and non-profits around the world.  It is time for Solomon Islands to benefit from these new technologies.  Find out more below and sign up today.

Looking Ahead

Key Benefits for SI Businesses 

Cost savings

The monthly cost of cloud computing is much lower than owning old-style servers. Servers are very expensive to buy, use lots of electricity, can be stolen and need specialist IT staff.  


With the cloud, you can access your data and applications from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. You can also collaborate with your team and customers more easily and securely.


You can leverage the latest technologies and tools to improve your productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. You can also create new products and services that meet the changing demands of your market.

Cloud Options from Positive Developments

Our Cloud Services Include…

Business Email & Collaboration Tools

Business-grade email allows you to use your own domain name, offers more protection and control over your data, provides more storage space and attachment size, integrates better with other business tools and software, and comes with dedicated customer service.

Cloud Storage & Backup

Cloud file storage and backups are great solutions for your data storage and backup needs. They offer many advantages that can improve your business productivity, efficiency, and security by making your data more accessible, secure, cost-efficient, and automated.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers reduce the need to buy  physical hardware and software that are expensive to run and maintain, break down and are vulnerable to theft, damage, or disasters.  We provide provide both Windows and Linux servers with CPUs, RAM and storage to meet your needs.

Cloud Security

Our cloud package comes with advanced multi-layered security that protects your cloud services, data and devices. We take care of everything from on-site and cloud-based firewalls, anti-virus, content filtering, email filtering, SSO and more.

Website / Ecommerce

Business-grade web hosting is an as this is an essential part of any business looking to succeed in the digital age.  If you already have a website, don’t have a website yet or need something fresh and new, then we can deliver the solution you are looking for.

Managed Support

Cloud is not a set and forget technology.  It is complex and evolving and we are here to make sure you are able to take advantage of the technologies with complete peace of mind.  On-going support is therefore a central tenet of our cloud services.

Perfect Timing

Why NOW is a right time?

The Solomon Islands has recently moved from satellite to undersea fibreoptic, giving faster and reliable internet and new business opportunities. This means that you can take advantage of cloud computing without worrying about slow or unstable connections.


Perfect Partner

Why Positive Developments?

Positive Developments (SI) Ltd has been in business for 17 years and is a leading provider of IT services and equipment in Solomon Islands.  We are not like overseas providers who are far away and hard to reach. We are here for you, ready to help you over the phone, remotely or in person.

Access you data from anywhere and collaborate in real time.

Backing up your data to the cloud is easy, cheap and gives peace of mind.

Move your IT infrastructure to the cloud for lower costs and reliability.

Cloud security far exceeds to local server security.

We monitor and manage to ensure security and reliability.

With your office in the cloud you will enjoy high reliability and productivity.


Ready2Go Cloud Plans for SI Businesses


  • Tailored plans available to meet your needs.
  • Discounts available for non-profits.

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